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LGCL Beautiful World – a Mediterranean style villa project by Girish Puravankara

Girish Puravankara is a well known name in the real estate market of Bangalore. For almost a decade, he has spearheaded one top notch project after another, thus helping to improve the prospects of the residential real estate market in this city. He is not only a highly creative real estate builder with a penchant for designing state of the art homes but he also has a keen sense of business that has made it possible for him to attain such great success in his career within a short period of time. His projects are widely hailed by both homebuyers and critics for being aesthetically and functionally sound.

Among the projects that Girish Puravankara and his company LGCL has built over the years, perhaps one that deserves special mention is the LGCL Beautiful World. Originally launched in August 2013, the project was completed and made available for possession back in July 2015. Made on a piece of land just off the Hennur Road, LGCL Beautiful World included all the features of a stunningly serene and picturesque home that the residents can always be proud of. The project featured 4 BHK villas or apartments with built-up areas ranging between 2801 square feet and 3730 square feet. Each of these villas came at a price ranging between 2.47 Crore and 3.30 Crore. The most unique thing about these villas was that they were designed in Mediterranean style. These villas also came with their individual terraces and independent backyard areas.

Home-buyers soon responded positively to the unusually serene atmosphere of these beautiful Mediterranean style villas and booked villas for themselves. One of the reasons for which this project was an instant hit was that these villas deeply appealed to the aesthetic sensibilities of many home-buyers who simply loved the idea of having a Mediterranean style villa as their homes. These villas perfectly matched the individual style preferences of many people and led them to buy these. Simply associating with these uniquely beautiful Mediterranean villas was a matter of pride for them.

Like with many of the other projects that were handled by Girish Puravankara and his LGCL team, the LGCL Beautiful World project also offered a range of top quality amenities that made the lives of people really comfortable here. For instance, it featured a promenade garden as well as a state of the art clubhouse that also comprised of world class amenities. Such features made LGCL Beautiful World an idyllic haven in the midst of the busy city life that so often characterized Bangalore. It also included many other notable amenities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, squash court, health facilities indoor games arena, steam bath, community hall and kid’s play area.

The success of LGCL Beautiful World helped Girish Puravankara and his company LGCL to further strengthen their roots in the Bangalore real estate market. LGCL Beautiful World garnered widespread positive reviews from various sources due to its unique design philosophy. This was one of the most important landmarks for Girish Puravankara and his company LGCL.

Girish Puravankara – Providing Value For Your Investment

LGCL believes that the best way that you as an investor would get the full return on your investment is when you get quality, and you are wowed by what you see has been done with your money. This is the reason why the organization does not feel the need to have those promotional offers and freebees that you would see just about everywhere these days with a new real estate complex of some kind or the other being launched. One of the major aims of LGCL, under the aegis of Girish Puravankara, has been to uplift the status of home buyers in the city.

An uplifting experience

LGCL as an organization wants to make sure that people who are looking for just ordinary flats in Bengaluru are able to upgrade themselves to apartments that are of the highest order. Similarly, in case of people looking for premium apartments in the city, it wants them to own luxurious and stupendous villas that are really worth their while. Actually it is the thought and effort put in by Puravankara – the Managing Director and Chairman of LGCL – that has enabled the organization to have such a bold objective.  He has always been driven by the single vision to come up with real estate projects that are astounding to say the least.

Leading the brand

In all these years as the head of the organization, Girish Puravankara has shaped LGCL in such a way that it is always making the best possible efforts to get better – to have strategies that are innovative and be cutting-edge in the way it functions, especially in critical areas of operation such as design and methods employed during the process of construction. This is the reason, in less than 10 years he has been able to take the brand where it is today.

Fulfilling the vision

Its humble beginnings have not been able to deter LGCL from growing to become one of the top real estate brands in the capital city of Karnataka. When it started LGCL was supposed to be an organization that would provide the very best in real estate to the people of Bengaluru and it can be said certainly that it has achieved this aim and more. It has been able to offer its complexes at rates that can be afforded by a bigger section of people and it has developed them at locations that have always been convenient for the owners.

Wonderful fusion

The homes of LGCL offer you a delectable blend of expressions that are evidently Indian and design elements that have been sourced from some of the finest locations in the world. These locations are as diverse as Bali, England, and Spain. So, you can jolly well imagine how good these are and how fine you would feel to own one of them! These homes have been created in such a way that they are able to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the urban individuals living over there. It can be said for sure that you will not get such quality elsewhere.

Girish Purvanakara


One of the most renowned names in Bengaluru’s real estate, Girish Puravankara, has been a dedicated veteran of the industry for over two decades. Girish Puravankara has today etched his name into the cityscape of Bengaluru. A product of Mysore University, he went on to pursue Masters in Business Administration from Pune University before venturing into the real estate market. He soon went on to carve a niche with his own brand, LGCL, in 2007.
From humble beginnings, LGCL has today evolved into a brand that sets benchmarks for the rest of the industry. As the Chairman and Managing Director of LGCL (Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited), he aims to provide world class architecture and thoughtful design as a fundamental offering across all his projects. The aim of LGCL as envisioned by Girish Puravankara is to redefine the real estate skyline of the city. He wanted to offer better designed homes at every price range and elevate prospective apartment buyers to the status of a luxury villa owner. This vision and the steps taken towards it has earned LGCL the title of ‘Villa Specialist’.
As a visionary real estate developer, Girish Puravankara has successfully led LGCL in developing projects that combine the best elements of aesthetics and functionality that seamlessly merge with a client’s lifestyle. Positioning LGCL home as ‘Thinking Space’, Girish Puravankara aims to offer not just a luxurious dwelling but a holistic and vibrant lifestyle with the best of amenities and features. Within a very short period of time, LGCL rose to the highest levels of success, transforming the skyline of Bengaluru with beautiful homes that are also landmark investment options.

Driven by strong love and passion for his work, Girish Puravankara clearly understands what it takes to create real estate projects that reflect the best standards of tasteful design. His professionalism has never allowed him to compromise on quality, and this is clearly reflected throughout the portfolio of brand LGCL.