LGCL New Life, a grand villa project developed by Girish Puravankara

When it comes to luxurious homes that truly stand apart for their world class designing, Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Pvt Ltd truly has what it takes to create astounding residences. Also known as LGCL, it is the brainchild of Girish Puravankara who is an acclaimed real estate builder and developer in his own right. As an experienced real estate expert who has been in business for more than a decade, Girish Puravankara understands the fine nuances of this business which makes him able to come up with projects that are always advanced from what other builders are accomplishing. This has enabled him to attain major success from the very early days of his career in the real estate business.

Among the various projects that Girish Puravankara and his real estate firm has been working on in the recent times is the LGCL New Life. It is a large villa project that is currently being developed in the Sarjapur Road area. The project is going to feature spacious 4 BHK villas that are going to have built-up areas between 2717 square feet and 3026 square feet. The location at Sarjapur Road makes this villa residential hub easily reachable from various other parts of the city. In fact, a fine network of roads connect it to all the major IT parks of the city which means that people living here will have no problems reaching their workplaces even at the busiest hours of the day.

The villas will be made available in May 2017 and will come with price tags between 1.96 Crores and 2.56 Crores. One of the highlights of this project is that the style of the villas is inspired from traditional Balinese architecture, which means that the residents here can have their own slices of Balinese heaven right within the city center of Bangalore. The residential hub of LGCL New Life is certainly going to provide people living here with the respite that they seek from the chaos, hustle and bustle of the outside world. The captivating design of the residential area, its lush green landscapes and graceful water bodies can allow the residents to live amidst nature which can have an immensely positive impact on their bodies and hearts.

The 108 eco friendly villas that are going to make up the whole area of LGCL New Life can house a closely knit community that can benefit from the serene living facilities offered here. The homes are also going to feature gently sloping roofs that are a hallmark of Balinese architecture. The villas will also include plenty of natural light and cross ventilation which is going to make living here a healthy experience. The project is also going to pack a wide range of amenities that is going to make life extremely comfortable for the people. Some of these amenities include a well maintained garden, club house, community hall, bank and ATM facilities, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, kid’s play area, indoor games area and even rain water harvesting facilities.

LGCL Happy Days – A Modern Residential Complex With The Best Features

Bangalore has been one of the central hubs of real estate development in India for the last decade. This has been driven by the fact that the city is the most important center for IT development in the country. Plenty of national and multinational corporations have set up their business operations in this city. This has led men and women from various parts of the country to come and settle here for enhancing their career prospects. This major influx of people from other cities has increased the demand for top quality homes in Bangalore among people who are looking to stay here with their family.

Among the real estate developers who have responded to this demand for homes in Bangalore is Girish Puravankara. With his real estate company LGCL, he has provided people the opportunity to buy world class homes at the most affordable rates. A highly successful real estate developer, he has already created numerous notable projects in different parts of the city. By combining practicality of design with aesthetic brilliance, Girish Puravankara has time and again come up with homes that match the expectations of people in the city of Bangalore. His ability to understand design trends of the future long before they become commonplace has made it possible for him to create homes that are truly international in their appeal.

Girish Puravankara

Over the years, his design philosophy has always improved with the sole aim of creating homes that are unique in their own way and yet provide everything that modern home owners look for. This can certainly be seen in his new project called LGCL Happy Days which is slated for being released in December 2018. Located just around the Hennur Main Road, LGCL Happy Days is going to feature flawlessly beautiful villas that would provide residents with all the peace of mind that they need to relax and rejuvenate themselves as they choose to retreat from the outside world. The new residential project is also going to offer an array of luxurious features that will make the residents pampered at all times.

This premium housing project will include 2 BHK apartments that will come at a price of approximately Rs 48 lakhs. The built-up areas for these apartments will be around 900 square feet. The strategic location close to Hennur Main Road will link the housing complex with other parts of the city through numerous roadways. The area is also blessed with modern infrastructure which means that the residents are not going to have any problems getting goods and services that they would require in their day to day lives.

The LGCL Happy Days is also going to include a range of modern amenities that would make it a comfortable experience for people to stay here. These include swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, club house, well manicured garden, table tennis court, billiards room, indoor games arena, banquet hall, yoga center, amphitheatre and joggers track. Such features have already garnered a lot of interest about this project among industry insiders who feel that LGCL Happy Days is going to be yet another success story for Girish Puravankara.

Girish Puravankara – Providing Value For Your Investment

LGCL believes that the best way that you as an investor would get the full return on your investment is when you get quality, and you are wowed by what you see has been done with your money. This is the reason why the organization does not feel the need to have those promotional offers and freebees that you would see just about everywhere these days with a new real estate complex of some kind or the other being launched. One of the major aims of LGCL, under the aegis of Girish Puravankara, has been to uplift the status of home buyers in the city.

An uplifting experience

LGCL as an organization wants to make sure that people who are looking for just ordinary flats in Bengaluru are able to upgrade themselves to apartments that are of the highest order. Similarly, in case of people looking for premium apartments in the city, it wants them to own luxurious and stupendous villas that are really worth their while. Actually it is the thought and effort put in by Puravankara – the Managing Director and Chairman of LGCL – that has enabled the organization to have such a bold objective.  He has always been driven by the single vision to come up with real estate projects that are astounding to say the least.

Leading the brand

In all these years as the head of the organization, Girish Puravankara has shaped LGCL in such a way that it is always making the best possible efforts to get better – to have strategies that are innovative and be cutting-edge in the way it functions, especially in critical areas of operation such as design and methods employed during the process of construction. This is the reason, in less than 10 years he has been able to take the brand where it is today.

Fulfilling the vision

Its humble beginnings have not been able to deter LGCL from growing to become one of the top real estate brands in the capital city of Karnataka. When it started LGCL was supposed to be an organization that would provide the very best in real estate to the people of Bengaluru and it can be said certainly that it has achieved this aim and more. It has been able to offer its complexes at rates that can be afforded by a bigger section of people and it has developed them at locations that have always been convenient for the owners.

Wonderful fusion

The homes of LGCL offer you a delectable blend of expressions that are evidently Indian and design elements that have been sourced from some of the finest locations in the world. These locations are as diverse as Bali, England, and Spain. So, you can jolly well imagine how good these are and how fine you would feel to own one of them! These homes have been created in such a way that they are able to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the urban individuals living over there. It can be said for sure that you will not get such quality elsewhere.

girish puravankara

Girish Purvankara – Taking LGCL to Unprecedented Heights

LGCL or Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited is one of the leading real estate brands in Bengaluru, a city already known for its strong real estate sector. Much of this has been possible because of the tireless work ethic and devotion of its owner – the visionary Girish Purvankara. This is one company that is always looking to up the game by getting better even as time flies by. It is to this end that the company, as well as its owner, is always looking for the latest trends and insights from various markets from around India and rest of the world. Such hunger for growth and development – even in a company of LGCL’s stature – is commendable indeed.

Accomplishments in real estate sector

Both Purvankara and LGCL can be credited with having authored some of the finest work in the real estate domain of Bengaluru. Their area of speciality is residential complexes. With the way the Garden City is becoming an important economic hub thanks to its burgeoning information technology sector it has become home to many people from across the country. Originally the city was meant to be a pensioners’ paradise. It was never meant to accommodate so many people.

However, now that it is growing economically and people are coming to live here the residential market needs to expand in keeping with the demand. This is where LGCL is playing a major role by stepping in with its world-class projects and satisfying a major part of the demand in a magnificent manner. LGCL also has to its credit a portfolio that is as diverse as it gets in this city at least. In fact, it can be said with a certain degree of assurance that the organization – through its work – has been setting benchmarks that others are aspiring to keep up to.

The brand belief

Both Purvankara and LGCL as a brand feel that quality is the first and foremost aspect. They feel that they need to make good homes in order to make sure that the client gets good returns on his or her investment. When this is being done the company need not offer freebies and other alluring benefits to sell their product. This is the reason why the organization is aiming to make sure that people who are used to buying budget homes can move on to premium apartments. In the same way it will also be able to uplift people who are used to buying premium apartments to get used to luxury villas.

Much of this has been translated to reality thanks to the herculean efforts put in by Purvankara over the years. Purvankara may officially be the Chairman and Managing Director of the organization but in reality he is much more than that – he is the heart and the soul of the company, the engine that drives the juggernaut that is LGCL. He is driven by only one thing – excellence. He wants to create work that are extremely astounding and leave a mark on one for a long time to come.

Girish Puravankara – Leading the charge in Bengaluru’s Real Estate Revolution.

LGCL is a leading name in Bengaluru’s real estate world. For many years now, the professionals at LGCL have strived tirelessly to bring to the people of Bengaluru some of the best residential properties that money can buy. LGCL has a handful of the best construction projects in Bangalore to their credit and the contribution of Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited has created an enormous impact on the city’s skyline. The firm has inspired numerous other upcoming real estate enterprises and has set trends of providing quality homes, of exotic designs at reasonable pricing.

The growth of the company is but a reflection of their leadership, Mr. Girish Puravankara. Spear headed by the genius, Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited is driven by relentless appetite to develop world class residential projects. Having been at the forefront of the real estate revolution that has engulfed the city over the last few decades, LGCL has developed innovative and creative solutions to resolve the major challenges faced by home buyers. This allowed him to steer his brand to the highest levels of success within a short time. In less than a span of ten years, LGCL has achieved admirable heights of success and has evolved into a brand to reckon with.

Girish Puravankara had envisioned LGCL as a firm that would be able to bring to the people of Bengaluru, top quality housing projects that come with the promise of world class élan but are priced at rates that are affordable for the buyers. This makes LGCL a real estate firm that is global in spirit but Indian at heart. Founded in 2007, Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited has conceptualized and spearheaded numerous projects that have in turn established their position as a major force in the industry. Bengaluru can now boast of a world class villas and apartments, thanks to Girish Puravankara’s desire to push the edges of innovation.

It is said that men of brilliance are often determined to succeed from their earliest days. The same can be said about Girish Puravankara who avoided the path of mediocrity ever since his student days. Completing his graduation from Mysore University with bachelor’s degree, Girish Puravankara got himself enrolled for an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) program from the Pune University. In time, he completed his MBA with flying colors and set off on his career path in the field of real estate business. This strong educational background helped him in his career as he met with numerous challenges over the years. With numerous projects coming up ahead, Girish Puravankara and his enterprise LGCL is all set to ride the next big wave of success.