Girish Puravankara – Talent Personified

The real estate industry in India is a dynamic one these days. There are different levels of development at various parts of the country. For example in the smaller towns and rural areas you see the foundations being laid and in the big cities, where development is happening at a far-faster rate and where more opportunities are being made available to people, you see the pace of work in the real estate sector keeping up with the speed at which development is happening. Bangalore is a city that is now commercially and economically as important as Mumbai, Delhi and the National Capital Region, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Bangalore growing

It is the tech hub of India – one that is growing at a healthy rate. In fact, it is being said that in the near future this city will be driving the growth of India. So, it is but natural that plenty of development needs to happen in the real estate sector so that companies are able to open offices, people find work, and places to stay. Several companies are now coming forward to step in the breach and fulfill the demands. One of the major names in this regard is Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited (LGCL), headed by Girish Puravankara, a man who needs no introduction.

Leadership position

Under the able leadership of Puravankara, Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited has become a name to be reckoned with in the residential real estate market of Bangalore. Over the years it has created a body of work through its completed projects that very few can even hope to match. The companies in Bangalore are always looking for ways in which they can develop projects that will satisfy the expectations of the people looking for a place to stay in the capital of Karnataka, also known as Garden City.

The question of needs

As a provider of residential real estate services it is well nigh important to satisfy the requirements of the clients and this is where Girish Puravankara has blazed the trail literally. He has set the bar really high and shown others what needs to be done to satiate the thirst of homebuyers in the city. Truth to be said, all the real estate developers in Bangalore have done some really-nice job but where Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited has left others behind is in terms of the innovation and vision that it has shown over the years.

Giving people alternatives

The projects developed by Girish Puravankara have delivered the people in Bangalore the alternative that they really needed to the existing structures in the city. It can be said quite easily that his work have really changed the skyline of this city and that too for the better. He is a creative genius to boot and he has proven that with the kind of work that he has done. The organization was opened in 2007 and ever since it has always performed better. With every project people have expected something even better the next time around and the organization has delivered.

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