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Girish Puravankara, A Talented Real Estate Developer In Bangalore

Real estate industry is always a dynamic one and companies operating within it are always trying to come up with better ways of designing urban residential hubs that match the needs and expectations of their customers. While builders in Bangalore have taken advantage of the expansive market and have delivered top notch homes to the people of the city for some time, it was Girish Puravankara who with his project LGCL provided with the much needed vision and innovation that the city desperately required. It was his creative genius that forever changed the skyline of the city of Bangalore.

Girish Puravankara opened up his own real estate company LGCL or Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited back in 2007 when Bangalore was in need of a new direction creatively in this sphere. There was already an increased demand for superior quality homes in Bangalore and this was inspiring real estate groups to come up with beautiful residential hubs that appeal to this growing market. However, most of the homes that were being built during that time were not in line with the aesthetic preferences of the upwardly mobile and affluent professionals who were looking for something more that defined their own tastes and natures. It is exactly here that Girish Puravankara came along with his unique design philosophy that almost immediately appealed to the eager homebuyers of the city.

While most builders at that time were focusing on getting the practical aspects of the homes right, Girish Puravankara and his LGCL team tried to come up with residences that were aesthetically in the same league as the homes in various European or American cities. This naturally appealed to the homebuyers of Bangalore who were yearning to find homes that were unique or different in their own way. Even in the earlier years, the homes that were designed and developed by Girish Puravankara appealed immediately to the young and trendy communities of Bangalore who mostly came from other parts of the country and expected to find a comfortable life here. Soon homebuyers from other segments took a strong interest in the LGCL homes as well, and this naturally catapulted LGCL to the heightened success that they were looking for.

Girish Puravankara understood from the very beginning that the secret to achieve success in Bangalore’s real estate market would be to give customers something that they never expected before and then make them fall in love with it. He was able to create a strong demand for homes and residential hubs that pushed the edge of what can be creatively achieved in this part of the world. It is therefore no surprise that within a very short period of time LGCL became one of the most important names in Bangalore’s real estate sector. Currently Girish Puravankara is looking to explore new creative directions through which he can expand the business prospects for LGCL even more than ever before. With all the projects at hand, Girish Puravankara can certainly achieve this goal and provide the best homes for people of this city.