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Girish Puravankara – The Master Creator

Over the years, the design philosophy of Girish Puravankara has always improved for the better. He has always had one single aim – to create homes that are unique in every sense of the term and yet are fitted with each and every little thing that a modern homeowner might want. It is the quality of work done by the master creator that has led to people taking a keen interest in the homes developed by him. All this has meant that LGCL (Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited) has reached the heights of success that it was always supposed to achieve.

Interest from various quarters

In the initial stages there was only a certain class of people that was taking interest in the projects being created by LGCL under the capable guidance of Puravankara. However, even as it became apparent that these projects were a cut above the rest of the options that you could find in Bangalore in the same segment, a lot more people started to make a beeline for the homes. From the very beginning Purvankara had a clear idea of how he wanted to be successful and he has never shied away from that logic, which has proved to be so successful.

The ideology of Girish Puravankara as a creator

Puravankara always wanted to provide people in Bangalore residential options, the likes of which had never been seen before in the city. They would be getting something that was so different and better than what they expected and they would just fall in love with the same. As can be seen, this ideology of Puravankara has proved to be rather successful, to say the least. Through his knowledge and drive he was able to create a really strong demand for residential properties in the city. It can be said with a degree of certainty that Puravankara pushed the very edge of what could be achieved from a creative point of view.

Quick rise

This is the reason why LGCL has risen to its present position of prominence at such a short notice. It has now become one of the names to be reckoned with in the real estate sector of Bangalore and when you consider it carefully you understand the true enormity of the achievement. The capital city of Karnataka – also known as Garden City – is full of architectural marvels being built by some of the top brands in the country.


To have made a name in such a glorious circle in such a short time speaks a lot about the positive qualities of Girish Puravankara, as well as the team working under his capable guidance and leadership at LGCL. Right now Puravankara is looking to expand his horizons and venture into avenues that he has not explored before. This can only be good news for the people of Bangalore especially ones who already like his work and ones who are waiting to call homes made by him their own. He is looking to expand to newer markets and carve out a fresh identity for his brand.

Girish Puravankara – Talent Personified

The real estate industry in India is a dynamic one these days. There are different levels of development at various parts of the country. For example in the smaller towns and rural areas you see the foundations being laid and in the big cities, where development is happening at a far-faster rate and where more opportunities are being made available to people, you see the pace of work in the real estate sector keeping up with the speed at which development is happening. Bangalore is a city that is now commercially and economically as important as Mumbai, Delhi and the National Capital Region, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Bangalore growing

It is the tech hub of India – one that is growing at a healthy rate. In fact, it is being said that in the near future this city will be driving the growth of India. So, it is but natural that plenty of development needs to happen in the real estate sector so that companies are able to open offices, people find work, and places to stay. Several companies are now coming forward to step in the breach and fulfill the demands. One of the major names in this regard is Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited (LGCL), headed by Girish Puravankara, a man who needs no introduction.

Leadership position

Under the able leadership of Puravankara, Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited has become a name to be reckoned with in the residential real estate market of Bangalore. Over the years it has created a body of work through its completed projects that very few can even hope to match. The companies in Bangalore are always looking for ways in which they can develop projects that will satisfy the expectations of the people looking for a place to stay in the capital of Karnataka, also known as Garden City.

The question of needs

As a provider of residential real estate services it is well nigh important to satisfy the requirements of the clients and this is where Girish Puravankara has blazed the trail literally. He has set the bar really high and shown others what needs to be done to satiate the thirst of homebuyers in the city. Truth to be said, all the real estate developers in Bangalore have done some really-nice job but where Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited has left others behind is in terms of the innovation and vision that it has shown over the years.

Giving people alternatives

The projects developed by Girish Puravankara have delivered the people in Bangalore the alternative that they really needed to the existing structures in the city. It can be said quite easily that his work have really changed the skyline of this city and that too for the better. He is a creative genius to boot and he has proven that with the kind of work that he has done. The organization was opened in 2007 and ever since it has always performed better. With every project people have expected something even better the next time around and the organization has delivered.

Girish Puravankara, A Talented Real Estate Developer In Bangalore

Real estate industry is always a dynamic one and companies operating within it are always trying to come up with better ways of designing urban residential hubs that match the needs and expectations of their customers. While builders in Bangalore have taken advantage of the expansive market and have delivered top notch homes to the people of the city for some time, it was Girish Puravankara who with his project LGCL provided with the much needed vision and innovation that the city desperately required. It was his creative genius that forever changed the skyline of the city of Bangalore.

Girish Puravankara opened up his own real estate company LGCL or Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited back in 2007 when Bangalore was in need of a new direction creatively in this sphere. There was already an increased demand for superior quality homes in Bangalore and this was inspiring real estate groups to come up with beautiful residential hubs that appeal to this growing market. However, most of the homes that were being built during that time were not in line with the aesthetic preferences of the upwardly mobile and affluent professionals who were looking for something more that defined their own tastes and natures. It is exactly here that Girish Puravankara came along with his unique design philosophy that almost immediately appealed to the eager homebuyers of the city.

While most builders at that time were focusing on getting the practical aspects of the homes right, Girish Puravankara and his LGCL team tried to come up with residences that were aesthetically in the same league as the homes in various European or American cities. This naturally appealed to the homebuyers of Bangalore who were yearning to find homes that were unique or different in their own way. Even in the earlier years, the homes that were designed and developed by Girish Puravankara appealed immediately to the young and trendy communities of Bangalore who mostly came from other parts of the country and expected to find a comfortable life here. Soon homebuyers from other segments took a strong interest in the LGCL homes as well, and this naturally catapulted LGCL to the heightened success that they were looking for.

Girish Puravankara understood from the very beginning that the secret to achieve success in Bangalore’s real estate market would be to give customers something that they never expected before and then make them fall in love with it. He was able to create a strong demand for homes and residential hubs that pushed the edge of what can be creatively achieved in this part of the world. It is therefore no surprise that within a very short period of time LGCL became one of the most important names in Bangalore’s real estate sector. Currently Girish Puravankara is looking to explore new creative directions through which he can expand the business prospects for LGCL even more than ever before. With all the projects at hand, Girish Puravankara can certainly achieve this goal and provide the best homes for people of this city.

LGCL Beautiful World – a Mediterranean style villa project by Girish Puravankara

Girish Puravankara is a well known name in the real estate market of Bangalore. For almost a decade, he has spearheaded one top notch project after another, thus helping to improve the prospects of the residential real estate market in this city. He is not only a highly creative real estate builder with a penchant for designing state of the art homes but he also has a keen sense of business that has made it possible for him to attain such great success in his career within a short period of time. His projects are widely hailed by both homebuyers and critics for being aesthetically and functionally sound.

Among the projects that Girish Puravankara and his company LGCL has built over the years, perhaps one that deserves special mention is the LGCL Beautiful World. Originally launched in August 2013, the project was completed and made available for possession back in July 2015. Made on a piece of land just off the Hennur Road, LGCL Beautiful World included all the features of a stunningly serene and picturesque home that the residents can always be proud of. The project featured 4 BHK villas or apartments with built-up areas ranging between 2801 square feet and 3730 square feet. Each of these villas came at a price ranging between 2.47 Crore and 3.30 Crore. The most unique thing about these villas was that they were designed in Mediterranean style. These villas also came with their individual terraces and independent backyard areas.

Home-buyers soon responded positively to the unusually serene atmosphere of these beautiful Mediterranean style villas and booked villas for themselves. One of the reasons for which this project was an instant hit was that these villas deeply appealed to the aesthetic sensibilities of many home-buyers who simply loved the idea of having a Mediterranean style villa as their homes. These villas perfectly matched the individual style preferences of many people and led them to buy these. Simply associating with these uniquely beautiful Mediterranean villas was a matter of pride for them.

Like with many of the other projects that were handled by Girish Puravankara and his LGCL team, the LGCL Beautiful World project also offered a range of top quality amenities that made the lives of people really comfortable here. For instance, it featured a promenade garden as well as a state of the art clubhouse that also comprised of world class amenities. Such features made LGCL Beautiful World an idyllic haven in the midst of the busy city life that so often characterized Bangalore. It also included many other notable amenities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, squash court, health facilities indoor games arena, steam bath, community hall and kid’s play area.

The success of LGCL Beautiful World helped Girish Puravankara and his company LGCL to further strengthen their roots in the Bangalore real estate market. LGCL Beautiful World garnered widespread positive reviews from various sources due to its unique design philosophy. This was one of the most important landmarks for Girish Puravankara and his company LGCL.

LGCL Ashlar – A Breathtaking Villa Project Developed By Girish Puravankara

Girish Puravankara is one of the most trusted real estate developers of Bangalore who has time and again come up with top notch projects in different parts of the city. Ever since he launched his own company LGCL, he and his team have contributed significantly to improve the skyline of Bangalore with top quality residential complexes that have improved the standard of living for the people here. From the very beginning, Girish Puravankara has pushed the edge of what can be creatively achieved in the sphere of real estate and this has helped him to secure his image as one of the most innovation-driven real estate developers in the city of Bangalore.

Over the years, Girish Puravankara and his company LGCL has undertaken numerous real estate projects in Bangalore that have stood the test of time and improved the scope of housing in this city. One of the projects that deserve special mention in this connection is the LGCL Ashlar that was completed for possession in December 2011. Located in Choodasandra in Sarjapur Road, LGCL Ashlar has all the things needed to become a world class residential environment in its own right. Built on a land that spreads across 8 acres, LGCL Ashlar is a villa community that has attracted the attention of real estate industry insiders since the very day it was announced.

The LGCL Ashlar project includes 3 BHK and 4 BHK villas or apartments that have built-up areas ranging between 3204 square feet and 3667 square feet. There are a total of 63 villas in this lavishly built residential environment. All of the villas are spaciously built, which means that they have plenty of natural air and sunlight. The stone-kissed villas are also surrounded by plenty of greenery which means that the residents here have the good fortune to be close to nature all throughout the year.

The project also features a wide range of attractive amenities that have truly made living here a comfortable experience for the residents. Some of the notable amenities offered here include swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, health facilities, kid’s play area and a library along with 24-hour power backup. There are also water features, signage, a park and a lawn along with its own walkway. The walkway has a pebble or gravel bed along with seating arrangements. There is a pavilion for senior citizens further adorned with flowery bushes. Along with this, there is also a jogger’s track and multiplayer area.

Apart from these, there are also a number of modern amenities which include club house, spa for men and women, billiards room, table tennis court and community hall. There are also deck showers, deck chairs, juice counter and the entire villa area is surrounded by flowering trees. The location of this residential hub is quite close to the Outer Ring Road and it is just a few minute-drive away from Koramangala. The Wipro Campus and Amrita Institute of Technology is only a short distance away from this villa community in Sarjapura Road.