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Girish Puravankara – The Master Creator

Over the years, the design philosophy of Girish Puravankara has always improved for the better. He has always had one single aim – to create homes that are unique in every sense of the term and yet are fitted with each and every little thing that a modern homeowner might want. It is the quality of work done by the master creator that has led to people taking a keen interest in the homes developed by him. All this has meant that LGCL (Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited) has reached the heights of success that it was always supposed to achieve.

Interest from various quarters

In the initial stages there was only a certain class of people that was taking interest in the projects being created by LGCL under the capable guidance of Puravankara. However, even as it became apparent that these projects were a cut above the rest of the options that you could find in Bangalore in the same segment, a lot more people started to make a beeline for the homes. From the very beginning Purvankara had a clear idea of how he wanted to be successful and he has never shied away from that logic, which has proved to be so successful.

The ideology of Girish Puravankara as a creator

Puravankara always wanted to provide people in Bangalore residential options, the likes of which had never been seen before in the city. They would be getting something that was so different and better than what they expected and they would just fall in love with the same. As can be seen, this ideology of Puravankara has proved to be rather successful, to say the least. Through his knowledge and drive he was able to create a really strong demand for residential properties in the city. It can be said with a degree of certainty that Puravankara pushed the very edge of what could be achieved from a creative point of view.

Quick rise

This is the reason why LGCL has risen to its present position of prominence at such a short notice. It has now become one of the names to be reckoned with in the real estate sector of Bangalore and when you consider it carefully you understand the true enormity of the achievement. The capital city of Karnataka – also known as Garden City – is full of architectural marvels being built by some of the top brands in the country.


To have made a name in such a glorious circle in such a short time speaks a lot about the positive qualities of Girish Puravankara, as well as the team working under his capable guidance and leadership at LGCL. Right now Puravankara is looking to expand his horizons and venture into avenues that he has not explored before. This can only be good news for the people of Bangalore especially ones who already like his work and ones who are waiting to call homes made by him their own. He is looking to expand to newer markets and carve out a fresh identity for his brand.